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Learning balance step by step. That's where we took off from when designing this little gem. The Bunzi gradual balance bike is a unique 2-in-1 balance bike that can be switched between 3-wheel mode and 2-wheel mode in just a few seconds. Start off in 3-wheel mode from as early as 1 year and switch to 2-wheel mode only when your child is ready. Switch back and forth as many times as you want. The seat position in 3-wheel mode is low to the ground for comfort, the seat position in 2-wheel mode is higher to make more speed. The Bunzi is light and easy to carry by the handgrip and has a nice little cookie storage trunk in the seat. It is made of high-quality ABS material and wrapped in a unique bunny-style design. This nice little bunny is sure to become the preferred bike buddy of your kids.

- 2-in-1 gradual balance bike
- from 3 wheels to 2 wheels without tools
- learn balance step by step
- seat grows with your child (22cm in 3-wheel mode, 25cm in 2-wheel mode)
- silent anti-skid TPE wheels for indoor and outdoor use
- carry handle and trunk in the seat
- high-quality ABS material
- cute bunny-design
- age: 1-3 years

The Bunzi seat “grows” with your child in that sense that the seat position in 3-wheel mode is low for comfort and ease of use (learning to get on and off), and in 2-wheel mode it is slightly higher for more speed and ergonomics. So it actually grows with the development of the child. Don’t worry, in this young phase (between 1-3 years) the seat height is less important for performance. The main objective is to be safe and close to the ground to feel comfortable and stimulate learning.
Seat height in 3-wheel mode is 22cm.
Seat height in 2-wheel mode is 25 cm.

A balance bike takes away the complexity of learning combined pedaling, steering and balancing on a bicycle all at the same time. A balance bike is a very fun way for kids to gradually learn balance, starting from a much younger age than with a regular bicycle. Once the child is ready to learn to ride on a regular bicycle, the balance and steering skills have already been mastered and there’s only one new skill to learn : pedaling. Kids that use a balance bike at an early age all have shown to master a bicycle much quicker. Oh, and don’t think the balance bike is not interesting anymore once your kids are riding a bicycle. The balance bike usually stays the favorite “play” ride for your kids for many more years : the bicycle on the roads for driving, the balance bike around the house for quick manoeuvring and fun playing.

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